Plink–The Newest App that Rewards you for Shopping!

So I love apps that give me rewards back after I shop. And even more than that, I love apps that are EASY TO USE and give me rewards! If you’re like me, then you’ll love the app, Plink, available on iPhone and Android! So what do you have to do to start getting rewarded for shopping, eating, and entertainment? First, go here and download the app!

After downloading, it’s pretty simple, just fill out your account information which includes the credit card you will want to be associated with your purchases. Right now you can only link one credit card to your account, hopefully in the future you will be able to add more. Your screen should look like my first picture on the left below where you can choose four places you think you will use most for your ‘wallet’. Don’t worry though, you can take away a place from your wallet and replace it with another if you use more than four on a frequent basis, it’s just a bit more time consuming to do this. To allow more than four slots in your wallet at a time, you have to refer friends to unlock more slots. You’ll see my wallet below. Next to it are some other places that I have not currently chosen but are available (there are many more places that I have not pictured here).Plink2Plink.5









Now that you have downloaded Plink and set up your account with a credit card, you are ready to shop! See my picture below. This is a sample of me at Taco Bell. When you are at the location, log onto your Plink app and choose and ‘Check In’. You will automatically get 5 points for checking in. You can advertise that you have checked in with Plink on Facebook or Twitter. After that there is nothing more to do! The app will keep track of what you purchase and how much it is. For example, if you spend $5 or more at Taco Bell, you will get 70 points. The app will tell you how many points you get at each place depending on how much you spend.










OK, so now it’s time to get rewarded! See how I have 705 points in my first picture? Every time you reach 500 points, Plink will send you an email letting you know that you can cash your points in for rewards. Basically, 500 points = $5.00 which you can redeem with various gift cards. I have 705 because I have not cashed in any points yet.

So easy enough right? Let’s recap:

  • Download app
  • Fill out account and sign up with your favorite credit card
  • Choose your favorite places for your ‘wallet’
  • Go to those favorite places
  • Check in
  • Get your rewards!

So go, download the app and start earning those rewards! Good luck everyone ;)

My Weekly Steal & Deal

So do you ever get these coupons for $10 off from Kohls?Kohls2 Well I do (and no, I do not have a Kohl’s credit card) and I use them to get free stuff every time I get them, here’s how: So the deal is you have to spend at least $10 before tax, so I look around and see what I need or will use for around $10. Unless I have been planning on buying something anyways from Kohl’s, I usually head to the cards and paper section. Who never needs birthday cards or gift bags?! So you can see in the picture below what I snagged for a major deal. I got Kohls1three gift bags in various sizes, a gift tag, a birthday card, and silver tissue paper. By combing current sales with the coupon, I got all of this for $1.02!! Crazy, right? This is also a great deal when you need a baby shower gift or something for your own little one. Kohl’s is always having sales on baby and kids clothing, so using this coupon in conjunction with those sales equals practically free jumpers, rompers, and onsies!

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